‘The O Retreat’ provides a tranquil healing sanctuary with magnificent ocean view on a quaint  hill top in Southern Tasmania. Designed by a leading architect, the retreat is constructed with Tasmanian timber, high ceiling, floor to roof glass windows for expansive picturesque view of the bay and glorious sunlight. The lovely retreat sets itself on 25 acres of private land, surrounded by not just ocean, but also flora and fauna, forest, islands and numerous Tasmanian wildlife.

The main house has five bedrooms. warmth and charm accommodates for 12 adults. Spaces include an open Yoga + Meditation Hall, two outdoor Yoga Decks and two Viewing Balconies, Spa Room, Lounge Area, Open Plan Kitchen, 10 Pax Dining Area, two Bathrooms and a  Fully Equipped Laundry Room.

This essentially tranquil retreat is specialised in deep guided Yoga and Meditation Sessions, Reiki Energy Healing, Essential Oil Treatment + Massage, Deep emotional Clearing therapy, Anti-aging emerald treatment, plus Recharge Spa Sessions with Professional Teachers and Practitioners. A true piece of Oasis, ‘ The O Retreat’ is the ultimate indulgence for your relaxation, recharge and rejuvenation on both physical and spiritual levels.

Stay for a pampering weekend or join a healing and treatment regime during the week. You are bound to gain so much more rewards on top of the actual days spent here for physical relaxation. Experience connecting to your deeper true self. Gradually awakening to a greater sense of wellbeing through open heart meditation and other highly appraised healing modalities offered, ultimately an invitation, leading to true inner joy in any life circumstances without depending on external resources.

Who makes this special gem of tranquility come alive?

Meet Nickie, the accredited and practiced teacher / enthusiast / lifetime student of Yoga, Healing, Reiki and Meditation. Nickie has been a spiritual seeker since she was a teenager, has seen life’s challenges thrown at her. The learned wisdom and tough times in her passages has contributed significantly to an ultimate understanding of true purpose and meaning in life. Through years of seeking, she has found her ultimate calling and truth which has brought her a joyful and satisfied life with no doubt, no depression, no hidden anger and zero confusions. She knows how hard it is for everyone to find this beautiful feeling within their heart and being. With confidence, she is very keen to share her findings in practical daily practices which can bring those who seek to live with a real sense of satisfaction and joy in life.


  • Guided Yoga Session With Breathing Techniques And Yoga Nidra Relaxation
  • Guided Open Heart Meditation
  • Therapeutic Essential Oil Treatment And Massage
  • Reiki Energy Healing For General Health, Emotional Blockages And Balance Of Energy Centers And Channels
  • Heart Based Emotional Clearing Therapy
  • Emerald Revitalisation Treatment
  • Weekend And Weekday Retreat Packages

Qualification Details

  • Triyoga Certified Teacher (USA)
  • Reiki Tummo (Kundalini) Master (Natural Way of Living Australia)
  • Approved Open Heart Meditation Guild (Natural Way of Living Australia)
  • Therapeutic Essential Oil and Massage Therapist (USA)
  • Spiritual heart deeply and lovingly connected to the divine source of unconditional love and light, an instrument for the divine love to be shared with all others, Attend spiritual retreats, lived In Temples, Yoga Ashrams In Tibet, China, Nepal And Australia For over 12 Years, Buddhism Study, energy healing, Meditation
  • And Yoga In Various Traditions