The core emphasis of our Heart Based Therapeutics® is on assisting others to have a deeper experience of heart-mind alignment and become proficient in the Emotional Clearing Process. This uniquely effective therapeutic modality diffuses trauma, unresolved issues,    burdens, and unproductive emotional patterns. Many psychotherapeutic and life changing benefits are received by learning to rely on our heart’s connection to unconditional love.



Our deepest knowing, our deepest connections, and our deepest most fulfilling experiences in life are accessed through our heart because our heart is the center of peace, calm, joy, gratitude, and unconditional love. Our heart is the connection to the core of who we truly are, which is beyond the limitations and perceptions we impose on ourselves. However, our educational experiences have typically encouraged and trained us to cultivate and strengthen our mind rather than our heart. We have never been taught how to naturally connect with our heart and experience the ways our heart can directly support us in enhancing every aspect of our daily lives.


Heart Based Therapeutics® is a transformative, state-of-the-art modality focused on learning to enjoy the many benefits of heart-centered living. Combining psychological theory with experiential learning, Heart Based Therapeutics® provides an insightful, practical and enjoyable heart based approach to reducing stress and burnout, improving the quality of interpersonal relationships, and enhancing professional efficacy within and beyond the workplace. Learning to enhance the experience of peace, calm, gratitude, and joy directly optimizes all aspects of living as well as develops psychological resiliency for effectively adapting to adversity and stressors. When one learns to feel safe living with an open heart, a profound healing transformation can occur which leads to a tangible experience of completeness, contentment and fulfillment.


The many transformational changes that naturally and effortlessly occur through the Heart Based Therapeutics® process include:

  • Improved health by decreasing the negative effects of stress.
  • Eliminating the feelings of burnout, compassion fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Reduced emotional reactivity.
  • Responding and no longer “reacting” to stressful situations.
  • Becoming more impervious to negative emotions.
  • Things previously perceived as stressors no longer have the same stress-inducing effects.
  • Reduction of conflicts in interpersonal relationships.
  • Enhanced experience of intimacy, honesty and genuineness in relationships.
  • The ability to forgive those who have hurt us in any way.
  • Letting go of patterns of guilt, shame, and unworthiness.
  • Becoming more patient and accepting of the imperfections in others and in ourselves.
  • Letting go of problems and burdens, especially the ones that are beyond our control.
  • An enhanced experience of heartfelt gratitude.
  • The ability to establish healthier boundaries in our relationships.
  • Letting go of sabotaging patterns.
  • Recognizing and neutralizing unproductive belief systems.


Meet the Practitioner 

Rachel Harper has been a meditation facilitator and reiki practitioner since 2004. In 2015 she completed training in Heart Based Therapeutics and became a certified Heart Based Practitioner.

Rachel is constantly amazed by the healing potential which profound connection to our spiritual heart can help us realise.

She is very joyful and grateful for the chance to share this with others through Heart Based Therapy.


Klaus Baur is one of the longest servicing heart based work/therapeutics practitioner in Tasmania and Australia. Like Rachel, he completed the inaugural US Heart Based Institute practitioner course.

In addition, he has been a community and workplace heart workshop facilitator since 2005, facilitating workshops in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Following nearly countless experiences of profound changes in clients and workshop participants, Klaus wrote the comprehensive self-help book Your Heart Can Help – The Answer is Within You based on their stories.



$140 per person – 60 minutes session