Beautiful face is the reflection of beautiful heart

Did you know, aside from stress, wrinkles, aging lines and improper pulls are caused by the way we move/use muscles/muscle fibers in the face, head, neck and surrounding area. The problem is, how to change these bad habits that have been happening for years?

Reverse the aging process

Enjoy 1.5 hour special treatment from Lawrence Facial using special products (not available for retail) with special methods designed to stop and change the way we move/use muscles/muscle fibers in the face, head, neck and surrounding area as well as to decrease stress level. Many bad effects that have happened years ago will be reduced with this special treatment.

Benefits for Skin and Beauty:

• To freshen, tighten and rejuvenate skin cells, muscle and muscle fibers on the face, neck and surrounding area naturally.

• Making the skin fresher, firmer and youthful.

• Retrain the skin, muscle, muscle fiber that have been saggy, limited, held to the wrong direction; to be returned to a more beautiful and natural shape and direction.

Benefits for Mental and Emotional Health:

• To let go the effects of stress/burden/tension on the face, neck, head, nape of neck and shoulders (where stress/soreness are difficult to let go)

• The effects of stress and other tensions in the whole body will be released by itself so that the whole face becomes more beautiful, mind becomes calmer and heart becomes freer and more open.


Lawrence Facial is not an Ordinary Facial

  • Leaves the skin looking radiant, firm and fresh
  • Youthful, beautiful, natural facial shape and lift
  • Calm mind Release stress, burden and tension
  • Heart free and open

Special Offer

Voucher Package: Buy 10 get 1 free session

Price: $150 per session (90 mins treatment with aroma therapy oil and beeswax candles)